avgd stops listening on port 54322

Last days I’m experiencing avgd not responding. Avgd stops to listen on port 54322, amavisd-new timeouts on talking to AV. Mails are being held and queue is slowly increasing its number. It’s strange, that I’m experiencing it not only on one production system…

Aug 29 04:59:46 rakosnicek amavis\[25940\]: (25940-01-5) (!)AVG Anti-Virus av-scanner FAILED: run\_av error: Too many retries to talk to (timed
out) at (eval 111) line 373.\\n

It seems working after changing a little bit AVG configuration with following values:

avgcfgctl -w Default.setup.features.antispam=false
avgcfgctl -w Default.tcpd.avg.limiter\_start=150
avgcfgctl -w Default.tcpd.avg.limiter\_stop=200
avgcfgctl -w Default.tcpd.avg.timeout=5000
avgcfgctl -w Default.tcpd.smtp.enabled=false
avgctl --restart=tcpd


Marco - Sep 3, 2010

We are having the same problem here with the AVG scanner… We have reported this issue along with Debug information and they are trying to resolve the issue for the last couple of weeks now.