dovecot-0.99.11-9.EL4 - assertion failed

A few days back I’m getting this error within /var/log/maillog: file lib.c: line 37 (nearest_power): assertion failed: (num <= ((size_t)1 << (BITS_IN_SIZE_T-1))) We are using the latest dovecot package for EL4: [root@hruska tmp]# rpm -q dovecot dovecot-0.99.11-10.EL4 Package changelog has interesting entry: [root@hruska ~]# rpm -q --changelog dovecot| head * Tue Aug 09 2011 Michal Hlavinka - 0.99.11-10 - fix potential crash when parsing header names that contain NUL characters (#728674) So, let’s go fetch the #728674 entry on https://bugzilla. [Read More]